Dr. Christian Gabriel teaching
Dr. Christian Gabriel at University of Erlangen

​​​​​​​Dr. Christian Gabriel is the CEO of IfT Informatik GmbH. His PhD in Mathematics at the leading University for Algebra and Logic, the University of Hamburg, was rated with summa cum laude which is the highest level. Overmore, he has a master degree in physics and has been a lecturer in the department of economics for many years. He held regularly talks for students at the University of Erlangen. After occupations at companies like Siemens and Roland Berger he founded the IfT GmbH in 2007.






Our office in Fürth is reachable at normal office times. Ms Annika Wagner and her colleagues will connect you to our experts and product managers.


Xin Li is the head of our office in Shenzhen. He has a master degree from China university and from Harvard.


Service for customers in Germany is done from our headquarter in Fürth. 


For maintenance of our products in China we have dedicated services partners in Shenzhen.


IfT Informatik GmbH   

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