DataNinja is the toolchain for industrial production, fit for Industry 4.0 / Industry 2025.

Production processes can be created with an easy-to-use graphic modeler. Data can be read from all interfaces over Python modules. Low-latency sub-cyclic monitoring, historical data analysis as well. Collected data can be transferred in different formats to well-known quality- and ERP-systems. It fits well to almost all sensors and actors used in the industry.

DataNinja is a high-level German quality product, expandable into a proper MES. It consists of two parts, belonging to each other:

DataNinja Flow and DataNinja View

example huawei
DataNinjaFlow and DataNinja View working together for a production line for Huawei (see the running process example here)

DataNinja Flow

​- Graphical flow control

- Easy-to-use for fast draft of production flows

- Runs the flows in the same graphics modeler

- Fully integrable with Python, all data can be read in with Python modules

- Runs seamless on Windows and Linux

DataNinja View

- Different views on certain production data

- Low-latency sub-cyclic monitoring

- In-time reporting

- Historical data analysis

- Process values and curve data can be transferred easily to quality- and ERP-Systems

- Extensively configurable


Variable licensing conditions, please contact our sales department.


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